Water Carriers

J. Furphy & Sons have been in the business of tank manufacturing since the late 1870's. The presence of the Furphy Water Cart in the military camps during the First World War, where it was used extensively to carry much needed water to the troops on the front lines, led to the name "Furphy" becoming an indelible part of our language and idiom. (Refer to our water cart page).


It is a tribute to the ingenuity of company founder and inventor of the water cart, John Furphy, that over 120 years later a remarkable number of the original tanks are still in use. It is also testament to the soundness of the tank design that it is still produced with the same fundamental features today. Modern day fabrication techniques, a superior corrosion prevention system, and premium quality hardware and running gear have been incorporated to make a robust "top end" unit demanded by Australia's heavy industries.


The tanks, trailers, pumping equipment and hardware are essentially a modular concept allowing for combinations to serve different requirements ranging from a basic water carrier to fully equipped mobile firefighting tanks and wash down units.

These robust units are well suited to industries requiring reliable performance for firefighting, equipment and vehicle washdown, livestock and tree plantations, and conventional water transfer. The range of industries include:

  • Forestry
  • Agriculture
  • Mining & Quarrying
  • Hire Companies
  • Building & Construction
  • Government Organisations, Councils etc...
  • Road Construction
  • Fire Authorities

All Furphy Tanks feature:

  • Guaranteed Workmanship
  • Lightness
  • Low and compact profile
  • Strength and Durability
  • Hot-Dip-Galvanized finish, internal and external
  • All Steel Fabrication

Specification Schedule







Tare Weight

T1 - Discontinued 770 Bearer mounted tank 1660 870 930 110
T2 - Discontinued 950 Bearer mounted tank 1960 870 930 130
MT1 - Discontinued 770 Trailer mounter tank 2840 1570 1470 330
MT2 - Discontinued 950 Trailer mounter tank 2840 1570 1470 350
F1 - Discontinued 770 Bearer mounted Fire Tank 2300 870 930 185
F2 - Discontinued 950 Bearer mounted Fire Tank 2600 870 930 205
MF1 - Discontinued 770 Trailer mounter Fire Tank 3240 1570 1470 440
MF2 950 Trailer mounter Fire Tank 3240 1570 1470 460

For information and pricing on getting your old cart ends re-barrelled click here.