Message From The MD

"J. Furphy & Sons has not only continued but has adapted to changing technology and changing economic realities with remarkable success, becoming one of the leaders in the relatively new field of stainless steel fabrication as it once was cast iron."


"As the fifth generation of the family to take the reins of J. Furphy & Sons, I am surrounded by evidence of what has come before me. As my grandfather Jack said at the company's centenary, its fortunes have been the result of neither accident or luck. The importance of the values that built the company are still paramount today. More importantly, I believe that these values will be critical to the company's further success in the years to come. A global marketplace has already become a reality. Technological changes are occuring at a rapid rate and are having an increasingly large impact on our lives. With so much going on around us it is very comforting to know that our company's foundations are right. The future remains, perhaps now more than ever, an amazing place."


Adam Furphy



Adam Furphy - 5th generation Furphy and current Managing Director.